HD PowerBall Lotto Keeper 2.0

HD PowerBall Lotto Keeper 2.0: Track your PowerBall investments, download results, and more. PowerBall LottoKeeper. Since we are avid lottery players, we needed something to keep track of how we are doing and make it easy to see if we won anything. Now we can track our investments, download results, and check if we won anything with just a few clicks. Worked so well for us, we decided to release a shareware version. A must-have if you play Powerball regularly. Checking your Powerball tickets for winners is fun at first, but after a while

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Lotto Creo Professional 5.0

Software has a full and abbreviated wheeling system with filters, graph... Filters eliminate tickets with combinations of numbers that are less likely to be drawn, thus reducing your cost to play. The lotto program works with all Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 6 and Pick 7 lotteries including those that have a bonus ball, such as the PowerBall, ThunderBall, WildBall etc. You can increase your chances of winning lottery with this lotto software.

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